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Youth Running Ambassadors

Young Runners rewards include more than fitness and friendship. Each summer runners can sign up for a workshop that teaches them to be Youth Running Ambassadors. These young men and women spread their love of running by speaking at events like galas, fundraisers, and races. At the workshop, future ambassadors study speechwriting, public speaking, and casual conversation.  

Young Runners News

Young Runners News is published once a season and provides page after colorful page of photos of Young Runners at events, interviews, and tips for students to get the most out of their sport. Here are current and past issues of Young Runners News. Each issue highlights one team, so please contact your Field Coordinator if your program is planning or has done something special you’d like to share with others.

Young Runners Alumni

This initiative helps Young Runners maintain their love of running and their connections to the program. Alumni receive many of the same benefits as Young Runners, such as free entry into races and gear. For students on your team who want to maintain their running connections, but will graduate this year, or leave for a school without Young Runners, tell them to join Young Runners Alumni.  

Volunteer Support

Don't underestimate the usefulness of volunteers to your team! Volunteers can serve as assistant coaches, running buddies, or help plan fundraisers and other special events.

Any volunteers provided by NYRR who will be working directly with kids will be screened by the National Center for Safety Initiatives (NCSI). If your team wants to use additional volunteers who do not work for the NYC Department of Education, contact NYRR so we can provide the necessary background check services.