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Enroll Your School in the Program

The aplication for DTFS 2017 is now closed.

Before beginning your application for DTFS in Strides, it’s useful to establish which type of user you are:

  • Existing STRIDES users: If you already enrolled in Mighty Milers, Young Runners or Developmental Cross Country (DXCS) this school year, you should already have a STRIDES account. To apply for DTFS, log into STRIDES and submit a DTFS application under the Applications Tab.
  • New STRIDES users: Go to STRIDES and click on “Sign up to get started” to create your account. Once you log in, please click on the Applications Tab to submit your DTFS application.

In either case, you will be lead through a series of steps to provide information about your school and the students that you wish to participate in the program. Once the application is submitted your principal will be sent an email with a link to the Terms of Agreement for approval. 

To start your application, please go to STRIDES at http://strides.nyrr.org.


Attend a DTFS In-Person Coaches Training and/or an Informational Webinar

In-Person Coaches Training

These two-hour sessions are being held in February and March in Manhattan. These sessions are designed to help coaches prepare their students for the spring meets and to review the track and field training program and other available resources.

All new coaches are required to attend an in-person training for the DTFS program. Returning coaches may also attend if they wish.

Read more about our track and field training program here.

Informational Webinar

This season we will also be hosting a number of 45-minute online webinars prior to the season. This session will include a full overview of the program including the logistics of the events and the rules and regulations of the programs and tips on how to successfully prepare for the meets.

ALL COACHES, regardless of tenure, must attend one of the informational webinars in order for their school to be accepted into the DTFS program.

To obtain the schedule for the in-person trainings and webinars or to reserve your place, log into STRIDES and click the Training tab to register. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected] or call (646) 758-9672.


Register your School for Spring Meets

A STRIDES Guide which includes information on how to enter student rosters will be provided to all coaches once sites are officially enrolled in the program. It is the coach and principal’s responsibility to ensure that each participating student has a signed participant form prior to being entered into STRIDES and attending any meet.

For NYC DOE schools, please use the accurate month and year and “01” as the day for all students’ date of birth. Please follow the Chancellor’s Regulations (A-820) in regards to student information and confidentiality.

Meets are held during the school day at various tracks throughout New York City starting in mid-April. A full schedule will be sent out upon enrollment. The meets are developmental in nature meaning that the focus is on fun, learning, and experience rather than on competition.

You will be able to register for the meets on your Events dashboard. Schools must register through STRIDES in advance of every meet. Only students who are fully enrolled with a release form checked off in STRIDES will be eligible to participate in the meets. Late registration will not be accepted in STRIDES. You will receive an event confirmation email soon after registering in STRIDES. For additional information, please refer to the STRIDES guide. For safety, each team will be limited to 40 students per event and each event will also have a limited number of teams who can participate due to venue constraints; therefore you are encouraged to register as early as possible. 

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