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Coaching and Training

NYRR supports teachers and coaches with clinics and a comprehensive track and field training program to help prepare their students for the meets.

DTFS In-Person Coaching Training and Infomational Webinar

After submitting an official application in STRIDES and before the season begins, coaches must attend a DTFS informational webinar session. This informational webinar will include a full overview of the program including the logistics of the events and the rules of the meets. The 45-minute online webinars will be available on a number of dates from February to March.

In addition all new primary coaches are required to attend an in-person training. These two–hour sessions are held between February and March in Manhattan and designed to help coaches prepare their students for the spring meets and review the training program and other available resources. It is also an opportunity to meet with NYRR staff and network with coaches from other schools. Returning coaches are also welcome to attend.

No school will be able to participate in the DTFS program if its coach does not attend either or both (if required), the in-person coaching training and/or the informational webinar.

To obtain the schedule for DTFS trainings and webinars will be sent upon application for the program through STRIDES. To reserve your place, please contact us at [email protected] or call (646) 758-9672.

Track and Field Training Program

NYRR’s Track and Field Training Program was specifically created for DTFS coaches. It consists of 14 workout guides covering all of the track and field events in the series. Each guide features a range of activities, many with accompanying coaches’ videos for demonstration that help students develop and improve their skills.

Schools can supplement their coaching with a physical education unit about track and field in accordance with the DOE-recommended curriculum (Physical Best) and fitness assessment (NYC FITNESSGRAM).

The complete Track and Field Training Program is available online.


Coaching Videos and more

The Track and Field Training Program is just one of a number of online resources from NYRR available to teachers and coaches. Please check out NYRR's Running Start to see award-winning coaching videos, P.E. lesson plans, nutrition activities, event guides, and more.

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