About Training Plans

Fulfilling the potential of young athletes depends on a balanced approach to training and careful planning. New York Road Runners has created a series of innovative training plans to help you organize and schedule workouts for your students. Full of innovative ideas and supported by our award-winning coaching videos the plans will guide you and your students to success.

Track and Field Plan

  • Beginner's guide to coaching a range of track and fields events
  • Covering a variety of events from sprints to distance races and including shot put and long jump
  • Structured session guides for workouts and practices
  • Supporting materials on stretching, building strength, and aerobic capacity

5K Training Plans 

  • Road running training guides created for younger runners
  • Individual plans for runners readying for their first 5k and and those aiming for their fastest 5k
  • Varied workouts designed to improve running form, speed, and endurance
  • Flexible program allows you to adapt to student abilities

Additional Plans Under Development 

  • Training plans for the mile and 10k are being created.
  • Each will aim to support kids of varying skills and abilities