Elementary School

Use these lessons to teach a unit on running and watch your students have fun while improving their coordination, athleticism, and form.

Most able-bodied kids can put one foot in front of the other—but they have to learn powerful, effective running. Form, pacing, and breath are learned skills that support exercise which is fun, even exhilarating! Now NYRR has created the first set of comprehensive teaching modules to provide everything you need to get kids up, moving and having fun.

This free resource for elementary P.E. teachers includes a series of playful, interactive physical activities for kids of all fitness levels. Your students will have fun while building important P.E. skills and learning how to run safely and effectively.

Animal Run

By pretending to be different members of the animal kingdom, kids see how it feels to run at different paces

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In a Heartbeat

Students get in touch with the most important muscle of all—the heart—learning to take their pulse after exercise.

Tags: elementary school, pacing

The Centipede

Teamwork, endurance, and spurts of speed come into play in this baton-passing game

Tags: elementary school, pacing

Running Tall

Students learn to move with head held high and eyes looking forward—improving balance and increasing speed.

Face Relaxation

Fun, silly-seeming exercises to help young runners relax their facial muscles and in turn, relax their running.

Copy Cat

A playful way to experience how attitude affects running, acting out various moods while on the run

Continuous Relay

With plenty of team cheering, students run fast repeatedly, building strength and endurance

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Ten Seconds and Counting

Like a car going through the gears, kids get to see how their form changes while slowing or increasing speed

Tags: elementary school, overall skills

Funky Run

Students get funky with their running and then use the skills they've learned to correct their form

Tags: elementary school, overall skills

Springy Feet

Helpful for kids who tend to land on their heels or toes, these exercises show how to land on the midfoot

Tags: elementary school, legs & feet

Monster Steps

Students explore different stride lengths to avoid over-striding and under-striding

Tags: elementary school, legs & feet

High Knees

Students strengthen muscles that help them lift their knees, leading to a naturally longer stride

Tags: elementary school, legs & feet

Warm Up

Fun movements to help young athletes prepare their bodies for running

Cool Down

Students learn a series of stretches for cooling down after running

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The Animal Tag

Body control is key for kids imitating various amusing animals as they play tag.

Soft Touch

It's important to relax the hands when running. Careful not to crush that potato chip!

Tags: elementary school, arms & hands

Bang the Drums

Banging two imaginary drums becomes a creative way to learn correct arm movement

Tags: elementary school, arms & hands

Zig Zag

Students learn how arm swing plays an important role in balancing the body during running

Tags: elementary school, arms & hands