About Coaching Videos

These award-winning videos help youth coaches teach the fundamentals of running through age-appropriate games, activities, and drills.  

Using the Videos
Created in collaboration with a team of expert youth coaches and exercise physiologists these activities can be used individually, incorporated into an existing practice routine, or used to craft one's own running session. Activities focus on preparing to run, fundamentals of running movement, and proven ways to enjoy running and physical activity. More than 80 videos are available in the following categories: 

  • Warm-up and Cool-down
  • Stretching and Strength Training
  • Form
  • Pacing
  • Games

For each category we provide an introductory overview relaying important concepts and information. We recommend you look at those introductory overviews first. Then watch the video segments, which present activities that teach the concepts of that category. The videos themselves can be watched in any order.
The video segments include the primary benefits and key elements of execution for each activity so you understand its purpose and how to do it properly. Keep in mind younger kids should not be concerned with this information; similarly, runners less interested in competition may not need to focus on the finer details in order to benefit from the activity and feel good about their improvements.
We suggest you incorporate many types of activities into your running sessions to maximize student enjoyment, as well as overall fitness and performance. 

Getting Started
We highly recommend you start with the Form 101 videos. Teaching children to run with correct form will increase their body awareness, performance, and prevent injuries. Ultimately, these benefits will help your students enjoy running and reach their fullest potential. Select the appropriate age group below:

  • Elementary School Form 101
  • Middle School Form 101
  • High School Form 101

A Note About Form
This category includes Form 101 video segments that cover the basic elements of form appropriate for each age group. Use these visuals to understand the elements that comprise good running form. We strongly recommend you watch these.
Throughout the videos you will see many activities demonstrated by typical elementary, middle, and high school-age kids. Their form is not perfect, nor would we expect it to be. We believe these imperfections are consistent with what you'll find with your own team. In many instances, after we show a group of kids, there is coach commentary highlighting the most common or detrimental "mistakes" so you can better identify them in order to gently guide your runners. In some segments, we also show an advanced high school athlete perform the exercise to demonstrate how the activity is ideally done so you are best equipped to teach it.
We present some widely accepted information in A Running Start, but recognize that there are many different opinions on the best ways to approach running.