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4. Program Maintenance

Maintenance might not sound like fun, but with Mighty Milers, it's easy. After you’ve draped a medal around the neck of a child who just completed their first marathon of miles, you’ll know why maintenance is so important. In this section we explain the basic management of a program—from recording laps to reaching us.

Student Progress

Record Student Mileage

During each session, the Program Assistant must record the number of laps each student runs/walks. Refer to Counting Laps in the Running Sessions section for great ideas on keeping track of everyone.

Enter Student Progress

The Program Assistant or Program Lead should transfer the reported mileage to STRIDES a minimum of once every two weeks. You may enter student mileage individually or update a group of students all at once.  You will be notified well in advance of the deadline in which all mileage must be added into STRIDES.

Update Student Goals

If the end of your program cycle is several weeks away and a student is not going to make his or her goal, consider updating the goal to reflect one that he or she can still work to achieve. However, if your student has already achieved the goal and there are many more running sessions, you should update the goal so he or she has a new one to reach. Goals are easy to update using STRIDES.


Mighty Milers receive incentives from NYRR when they reach various milestones. For example, when a student reaches 26.2 miles, the equivalent of a marathon, he or she receives a medal.

Incentives vary based on what grade a student is in and if her or she is part of adaptive PE.  Classes can earn awards as well. They receive a congratulatory poster for three milestones: 500, 1,000, and 2,500 miles.

NYRR is committed to shipping* incentives every two weeks to ensure that your kids receive their awards as close as possible to when they earn them. Incentives ship according to the mileage in STRIDES, so make sure you update the children's mileage regularly.  

Every two weeks we'll ship a box with the previous two week's earned incentives. We will also e-mail the Program Lead to confirm what's being sent. Your shipment will contain one packing list that matches each award to a student. If for any reason we're unable to ship an incentive, it will be marked as B/O on the e-mail and will be backordered to ship out when it's in stock.

Check your incentives against the packing slip when they arrive and notify your Regional Coordinator if anything is missing.

Giving Out Awards

The important thing is to make this meaningful for the kids. Ideas for giving out the incentives and recognizing your students’ accomplishments include the following:

  • Beginning/end of a running session
  • During a special monthly awards event
  • All-school assembly
  • In front of classmates during homeroom
  • Daily/weekly public announcements
  • School newspaper
  • School website
  • Local community newspaper

Incentives provide an opportunity to recognize incremental progress toward an ultimate goal. Make sure to stress your students' accomplishments and let your excitement show.

NYRR Program Support

Mighty Milers comes with robust resources including staff support, program structure and materials, student incentives, and supplementary resources.

Each site is assigned a Regional Coordinator as their primary contact at NYRR. The Regional Coordinator supports your program and is one of your most valuable resources.  This staff member assists in various ways, including brainstorming places or times to run, troubleshooting technical issues, announcing opportunities, offering ideas and advice, and helping you celebrate good news.

If a problem arises with your Regional Coordinator, contact the Program Supervisor, Brian Farrell immediately at [email protected]. We want to hear about any issues of concern and also to make sure that you have the support you need to make your program a success.


  • 3. Running Sessions

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  • 5. Troubleshooting

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