Elizabeth Maiuolo

Group Training
Elizabeth is a USATF Level 1 Track & Field Coach and a Certified Biomechanics Coach. She has been the head coach for many running teams and groups (including the Lower East Side Girls Club, Team Up!, and Apex) and has been helping runners with running biomechanics sessions as well as training programs for years.

Born and raised in Argentina, she has been living on the Upper East Side for a bit over 10 years and runs mostly in Central Park. She only started running in her 30s, but since then she has run a few marathons, (including six New York City Marathons in a row, a few Bostons, Berlin, etc), a handful of ultra-marathons (including the NYRR 60K and the Bear Mountain 50K), over 40 half marathons, with a few stair climbing races (such as the Empire State Building Run-Up) in the mix too. She believes that in anything from the mile to an ultra, all is achievable if you train smartly and with friends!

Her most memorable running moments include running the New York City Marathon while representing Manhattan in the Footlocker Five Borough Challenge, having her first race be a half-marathon in pouring rain, running the New York City Marathon with a broken arm and two broken ribs from falling in a trail ultramarathon two weeks earlier, the last miles of the NYRR NYC 60K where she couldn’t even remember her name from the exhaustion, finishing as the first woman in a 5K in 95% heat, getting lost in the woods for six hours during a trail ultra with no water or food left, running a 5K with her 70-year-old mother who decided to sign up two days before “just to walk it," and running in many different countries all over the world.

Where is your favorite place to run in New York?
The Central Park Bridle Path. It’s so peaceful. The reservoir is a close second, but it has to be before 6:30 a.m., so it’s not crowded.

What is your favorite NYRR race?
This is a very tough question. I love the New York City Marathon—there’s just nothing like it. It was my first marathon and it gave me so many amazing memories! The NYC Half is also deep within my heart; it gave me a lot of PRs and it was my first race ever. I can’t possibly choose.

What is your personal running motto?
Consistency is key, but fun is more important.

Personal Best Times:
For a few years now, I have been focusing a lot more on age grading than PRs, and my goal is to stay close to 70% or above for now.
Marathon: 3:27:44
Half-marathon: 1:36:03

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